MRX Customers

"I would spend an hour or two every morning entering children's progress into my 12 pound record keeping binder. I was introduced to Montessori Records Xpress and I was able to go home with my record keeping done for the day. Not only that, but when conference time was around the corner, I simply pressed a button and out printed the child's report. What used to take 45 minutes a child, took me 3 minutes with this program. I recommend it to everybody."

Amy Rochelle, Primary Education Teacher, Country Meadows Montessori School

"Tracking children's daily works was a paperwork nightmare. Sifting through each individual child's records and then finding the area to record the work in was very time consuming. Now with MRX you can record classroom works and comments with a couple of clicks. All the input is time and date stamped, so you never have to wonder when a child practiced a particular work. Conference reports are more professional, comprehensive, and easy to read."

Lisa Schmidt, Primary Directress, Old School Montessori

Teacher Testimonials

More Teacher Testimonials

"I thought [I'd] show this picture of what I used to carry home every night before MRX. Now I just take home my laptop. I love all that you have done for us! I kept these for three years, just in case, but finally threw them away. "

Anneke Thompson, Teacher, Dyer Intermediate School

Administrator Testimonials

"This program has what I wanted and more than I imagined... It's so much easier to keep track of work the children have done and need to do. I feel more on top of things. One of the aspects that I like best about MRX is its flexibility. Each classroom has individual differences just like the child... I can sequence work any way I want. Our school can design its own reports, decide what goes in them, and how they will be evaluated. I used to periodically set aside an entire afternoon during the weekend to plan, but no longer do I have to do that."

Charlotte Cushman, Primary Directress, Minnesota Renaissance School

"I use Montessori Records Xpress every day. The teachers love their part of the program and I find the part that I use to be very easy to use, and something that helps me streamline attendance and record keeping. Dave and Sue provide personal, professional, and very friendly support. They always answer their phone or respond to e-mails, and I find that their help and support is invaluable."

Shelley Dennis, Secretary, Palm Harbor Montessori Academy

Montessori Conference Attendance

MRX has been invited to all of these conferences, either as an exhibitor or presenter.

  • American Montessori Society
  • Montessori Congress
  • National Committee on Montessori Education
  • Montessori Education Programs Internationale
  • Montessori Administrators Association
  • International Association of Montessori Educators
  • North American Montessori Teachers' Association
  • Institute of Montessori Education