MRX is adaptable to your needs and preferences. It can take many forms based on how you control it. Customize your school and classroom to reflect your style. This is possible in most areas of MRX. We want you to make it your own.

School Information Management

Montessori School Information
  • Add your own class terms and holidays.
  • Limit which screen each staff member can access.
  • Add your school logo to customized reports.
  • Add custom reusable comments for attendance, learning progress, student/parent notes, and conference reports.
  • Copy reusable comments from over 1,000 classrooms.
  • Import student/parent/staff information, lessons, and reports from a spreadsheet for quick setup.
  • Email staff, parents/guardians. Include attachments like newsletters.

Custom Lessons

  • Build your own scope and sequence based on your areas, lessons, sequence, materials, and album pages.
  • Edit, resequence, or update lessons at any time.
  • Copy lessons from over 1,300 classrooms.
  • Email other MRX users about their approach to lessons.
Montessori Lesson Plans

Custom Reports

Montessori Reports
  • Design conference reports based on your lessons, concepts, and audience-friendly terms.
  • Copy over 2,600 conference report designs.
  • Generate a report 20 ways based on desired criteria.
  • Add personalized Individual Education Plans (IEPs).
  • Generate attendance reports with comments.
  • Create behavior, work habit, social development reports.
  • Copy the U. S. Common Core State Standards into your classroom and align them to your curriculum.

Parent Access Options

Choose which features and categories of videos parents can access through the Parent Portal. Features and video categories are only visible based on your preferences. Parents only see information about their students.

Parent Portal