The interface has been road tested by Montessori school staff for over 14 years. We have encouraged feedback from teachers, administrators, and parents to develop the most valuable system for all clients. Such insight has resulted in a resource-rich system ready to assist school staff.

Teacher Features

  • Monitor Progress - MRX record keeping is built for speed. Record multiple observations in a few clicks and understand where every student stands on any presentation at a glance.
  • Take Attendance - Record attendance for an entire classroom in two clicks and update it throughout the day if necessary. Generate attendance reports with comments and share with parents or school staff.
  • Plan Lessons - Determine which presentations students need. MRX can inform you of a suitable presentation on-the-fly based on recorded student progress. With our Auto-Planning feature, MRX can automatically plan lessons exactly as you would manually, by simply recording observations.
  • Access Album Pages and Worksheets – Embed any personal album pages into MRX and access them with one click. Eliminate inventorying, photocopying and filling worksheets each week. Worksheets can be stored in MRX and sent to a printer from your tablet or browser exactly when your students need them.
  • Plan and Record Group Lessons – Create custom groups or ask MRX to inform you which lessons are suited for group presentations.
  • Utilize Reusable Comments– Craft reusable comments so that you can provide anecdotes without typing. Reusable comments are customizable for attendance, learning progress, and conference reports.

Administrator Features

  • Manage with Real Time Review – Access any teacher’s classroom to see student progress and teacher presentations. This is a constant evaluation tool. Store and review school data from school, home, anywhere. Create classrooms balanced by gender, ethnicity, grade level, and IEPs.
  • Store Student Information - Store personal information, doctor/dentist contacts, allergies, medications, impairments, and emergency contacts. Print a document or labels for handy access.
  • Store Parent/Guardian Information – Information on all contacts can be stored in an organized and accessible form. Administrators can also set up the Parent Portal, and ask parents to update their own information.
  • Generate Pick-up Lists – Print pick-up lists daily. Information such as contact numbers or a driver’s license number can be stored to validate a parent or guardian's identity.
  • Export Data to Microsoft Excel – Export student and contact info to be used in custom directories or mass mailings/emailings. Export data like student and contact demographics along with attendance and student activity to other databases. Export your scope and sequence to a spreadsheet.
  • View Holidays and Class Terms – Store class reporting terms and holidays for easy reference from any Internet-connected computer.
  • School, Class and Staff Calendars – Plan events at the school and class level. Make them available on the MRX Parent Portal.

Parent Features

MRX is conscious of a parent’s investment in their child’s education and your desire to be as transparent as possible. That is why MRX created the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal allows parents to log in to MRX and view school and student information from any laptop, desktop, android tablets and iPads. This creates an involvement between school and family like never before. Parents only see their students. You decide what your parents can see:

  • Attendance & Conference Reports
  • Student Progress Displayed on Graphs or Lists
  • Birthday Lists
  • Contact and Students' Information (View and Update)
  • Class/School Directories
  • Class Terms and Holidays
  • Students' Allergy and Medical Information (View and Update)
  • Educational Videos
  • Child Videos & Photos

Public & Charter School Features

MRX is the leader in serving public and charter Montessori schools. . . and for good reason. We are committed to making Montessori easier to implement for public schools to ensure that public Montessori education is successful and far-reaching. MRX provides Montessori lessons aligned the U.S. Common Core State Standards. Lessons aligned to standards are made obvious and which standard(s) a lesson is aligned to is a click away.

  • Teachers and administrators can generate reports that show student progress in common core standards terms.
  • Automatically align your lessons to any set of standards, even IEP goals.
  • Show parents and educators the success of the Montessori method!

Curriculum Director Features

  • Build Lesson Plans - Customize lessons based on your personal scope and sequence within MRX. They are completely secure and backed up for a teacher’s use throughout his or her career.
  • View/Copy Curriculums - View and Copy curriculums from over 1,300 classrooms across the world. Email other teachers to learn more about particular lessons.
  • Standardize Curriculums – Easily apply changes to every classroom's curriculum through MRX. Ensure that every child has the opportunity for the same presentations.
  • Quick Conference Reports – Generate conference reports in 3 seconds. These reports can be translated into parent friendly terms, in any language, or aligned to standards or IEP goals.
  • View/Copy Reports – View and copy over 2,600 conference report designs from classrooms all over the world to see how others approach their scope and sequence.
  • Lock Down Curriculum – Limit who can update your curriculum in any class. Control the design of conference reports shared with parents.

Continuing Education Features

MRX has partnered with Educational Video Publishing to provide a collection of over 680 videos that equip the MRX community with a personal set of learning resources. Videos can be made available to teachers, administrators and parents.

Categories Include:

  • Assistant Training
  • Continuing Education
  • Parent Orientation
  • Montessori Pioneers
  • School Management
  • Student Photos/Videos