Peer to Peer Learning | Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
Peer to Peer Learning | Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
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Peer to Peer Learning

Oftentimes, children are the best teachers. Whether that means children teaching adults about curiosity, wonder, and in some cases… maturity. The unadulterated perspective of a child is regularly inspiring. But perhaps more importantly in a Montessori classroom is when children teach other children. TheĀ peer to peerĀ learning environment is a pillar of the Montessori Method. It enables younger students to learn from their classmates in a productive way. It also empowers the older children to become mentors and teachers. After all, comprehension is evident after a student can articulate a concept and assess strengths or gaps in another’s understanding. Thus, the benefit is symbiotic.

This inclination to help others is rooted in all of us. But the cultivation of these roots in an environment such as Montessori creates a stronger foundation for consideration, empathy, and cooperation. Enjoy the video below and observe how each student chooses to help. It just so happens to be how a very well trained Montessori teacher would handle the situation… with gentle guidance and support.

Thanks to AMI for building this video.

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