The Public Montessori Method | Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
The Public Montessori Method | Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
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The Public Montessori Method

The Public Montessori Movement is growing!

Adam, a member of the MRX team, recently attended the South by Southwest Education conference to feel the pulse of current trends in education. Here are some of his takeaways…

  • – There is a consensus that individual instruction and student-based learning provide the best education for a child. Many in the educational space and developing programs and technologies to ease this process for teachers. This lends itself well to the Montessori Method, for which this is already a staple.
  • – As schools understand the need for more personalized learning, the impact of rigorous standards intensifies. Teachers must justify student learning with high accountability. So a tension exists between the intuition of the schools and policies in place that are aimed to standardize learning. Thus, the need for measurement and assessment become increasingly important.
  • – There was a noticeable shift in the role of technology during the conference. Whereas recent technologies have been geared to interact directly with children as a digital learning tool, this focus has shifted to support teachers instead. Now the goal of many educational technologies should be a seamless resource for teachers to improve fidelity, ease administrative tasks, and increase the opportunity to interact with each child directly.


Adam was lucky enough to present at the SXSW Education conference! With a presentation entitled “How Montessori Will Take Over Public Education,” Adam chronicled efforts by the Montessori community to adapt to the public school climate, such as Common Core and state standards alignments, the influence of standardized testing, social emotional learning, and how the Montessori Method technologies such as MRX can capitalize on a proven method to provide holistic student achievement.

Adam was also asked to share thoughts on a radio program in Austin. Click on the link below to hear about the momentum of Montessori.

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