The Montessori Method on Native American Reservations | Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
The Montessori Method on Native American Reservations | Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
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The Montessori Method on Native American Reservations

Cultivating the Spiritual Embryo

About 4 or 5 years ago, Dave Rabkin (founder of MRX), visited the Lakota Indian reservation in South Dakota to train a new school using MRX.  It was run by a husband/wife team, David and Betty Archambault.  Dave Rabkin spent a lot of time with them outside of the training and learned a great deal about the problems on a reservation like theirs.  Their commitment to their people and Montessori was quite moving.

David Archambault recently did a TED Talk entitled The Indian School Whisperer.  During the video (below), he weaves the culture of the Lakota people with the insights of Maria Montessori. You can feel his intense passion.  He models so eloquently the spirit he speaks about. We are proud to call him a member of the MRX community.

David Archambault’s Bio:

David Leon Archambault, Sr. was born on the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, a Hunkpapa or Sitting Bull flavored Lakota, and has received the Lakota name Itazipo Wakinyan /Thunder Bow.  He graduated high school from Red Cloud Indian School in 1966, Black Hills State University in 1976 in Education, and has a Masters in Education Administration from Penn State in 1984.

Archambault has worked as educator, administrator, and consultant at Indian schools and Tribal Colleges thru out career, devoting significant energy toward the American Indian education problem and has been influenced by theorist and practitioners, Paulo Frierie ( Oppression & Empowerment ), Maria Montessori ( Self-Directed Learning), and Doug Thomas ( Projected Based Learning ).

Dave’s master’s paper (1983/84) focused on educational alternatives.  Strongly believes existing and past schooling notions and policies by the government have been and continues to be nothing short of effective genocide that has wasted the beautiful customs and beliefs of all First Americans.