The Whole Child Archives - Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
The Whole Child Archives - Montessori Records Xpress (MRX)
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The Whole Child

Peer to Peer Learning

Oftentimes, children are the best teachers. Whether that means children teaching adults about curiosity, wonder, and in some cases… maturity. The unadulterated perspective of a child is regularly inspiring. But perhaps more importantly in a Montessori classroom is when children teach other children. The peer to peer learning environment is a pillar of the Montessori Method. It Read the full article…

Montessori Grit

Montessori Grit

Cookies are delicious. There’s no disputing it. Very few have the control to withstand the ultimate temptation of a warm chocolate chip cookie. One thing is for sure…  It’s most certainly not the Cookie Monster. He is the poster child for instant gratification and impulse. But that all changed during the 44th season of Sesame Street. The show has reframed the Cookie Read the full article…

Montessori Social Emotional Learning

Behavior and Work Habits Social Emotional Learning has generated a lot of buzz in education lately. Researchers, teachers, administrators, and parents continue to find that attention to a child’s social and emotional intelligence translates to better academic performance. But more importantly, it develops a person more capable of collaboration, cooperation, and contribution to a society. Aren’t Read the full article…