MRX is just at your fingertips. We've removed many barriers to implementing, learning, and utilizing the system so that it can serve you in many ways. Access your digital classroom on several devices, from any location with internet access, with the MRX staff to support you along the way.

Web-Based, Cloud-Based Service

  • Access student records, lesson plans, album pages, and school info from any Internet-connected computer.
  • All of your records are protected and backed up regularly.
  • You never have to worry about compromising the confidentiality of your students.

Smart Phone and Tablet Ready

  • Access MRX on a laptop or desktop with Microsoft Windows Or Apple Max operating systems. Use MRX on android or Apple tablets and smart phones.
  • MRX offers the fastest mobile access to your data via a mobile app for android tablets and phones, iPads and iPhones, at no extra charge!
  • The mobile app, an extension of the online subscription service, means all staff in the classroom and office know what is happening in each classroom up to the second.
  • All records correlate to the online desktop version so that information is consistent and up to date.
  • Enjoy free-range record keeping!

Free Training

We want it to be easy to learn MRX, and we are available to help! With free online training, anyone can become proficient with MRX. Schedule a group or individual session from school or at home with an experienced MRX trainer via an online meeting. Watch the trainer demonstrate features, or allow the trainer to view your screen to guide you through certain processes.

Training Videos

  • In addition to the online training, we also have an extensive collection of training videos to ease the learning curve and introduce the many features of MRX.
  • Watch screen capture videos while MRX staff show you tricks of the trade!

Free Phone and Email Support

"It is rare to have a development team that is so in touch with the needs of the teacher and so responsive. This is frankly the best supported product I have ever purchased for the classroom in my private life."

Michael Booth, Elementary Teacher, Bay Farm Montessori Academy

"Thank you again so very much. It was a perfect training experience. MRX is an awesome tool! We feel confident and even had some joy and giggles with this work. That is not our usual experience with technological tools. So much that has gone before is such a mismatch that it is simply frustrating. Blessings on your cheerful self."

Mary Ellen Galvan, Early Childhood Teacher, Incarnate Word Academy

We Are Available!

  • When you get stuck or have a question, contact us for help!
  • Access MRX support staff by phone, email, or through online meetings.
  • Available weekdays 8:00 am to 6:00 p.m. U.S. Central time (UTC/GMT -6 hours).

Parent Portal

  • The Parent Portal is a window into your school.
  • Offer parents access to school directories, student reports, the MRX video library, and the ability to update their family's contact information.
  • Features are only visible based on your preferences, and are kept confidential for each student to parent relationship.
  • Connect parents to your school and create an investment in each child's learning!

Digital Album Pages

  • Upload your album pages and access them from any Internet connected computer. They are one click away when you need them!
  • With your album page available to all staff in your class, everyone will literally "be working off the same page".
  • You can also reference Wikisori for a collection of community built albums, handouts, and other resources.

Access Curriculums from around the World with a Multi-Lingual Interface

MRX has gained a presence in countries all over the world. As an MRX subscriber, you have access to the lesson plans and reports of these international schools with just a few clicks. The system is now available in 10 languages while providing dates in your format: