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About MRX

MRX was created by Dave and Sue Rabkin, a husband and wife team. We are professional software designers with more than 35 years experience each. We have developed both large and small systems for individuals, small and large businesses. More importantly, we are the parents of 2 children, now in college, who attended Montessori schools since they were 2 and 3 years old and thru 8th and 9th grades. We believe in the Montessori Method.

While volunteering in our daughters' classrooms, we noticed how much time teachers spent on record keeping. In 2002 we began building MRX for one elementary teacher. The goal of MRX from the beginning has been to free Montessori teachers from much of the burden of record keeping.

Since 2002, with input from hundreds of teachers from infant to the high school level we have attempted to design a solution so simple to use that record keeping is completed while in class. That means your lunch time is yours and when you go home for the day, your record keeping is done.

Let us introduce the MRX team . . .

Sue Rabkin, cofounder of MRX, Treasurer of Rabkin & Associates, Inc.

Along with chauffeuring her daughters to Montessori schools for 14 years, Sue volunteered at their schools often. She has a degree in Business Administration and has been working in the software development and design field since the early 1980's.

Sue is responsible for designing and testing new features for MRX, as well as handling data importing and all of the financial aspects of running the company.

Sue Rabkin

Eric Johnson, owner of Educational Video Publishing (EdVid)

Eric Johnson

Eric has been producing Montessori videos since 1994 when AMS contracted with him to produce the original version of "Nurturing the Love of Learning: Montessori for the Early Childhood Years." He has co-produced six more DVDs with AMS on Montessori from infant/toddler through middle school, parenting philosophy and “Educating for Peace.”

In addition, he has partnered with Paulyne Holten-Sinder (former AMS president head of school) on programs about Montessori philosophy, assistant training, special education, materials demonstrations and a soon to be released program on school management. Eric believes the future of video is online and is excited to work with MRX to provide the most complete set of video resources in the Montessori community.

Dave Rabkin, cofounder of MRX, President and CEO of Rabkin & Associates,Inc.

Dave grew up in a rural area of Ohio before migrating to a rural area north of Chicago, IL in 1980. Before moving to Illinois he attended college and received degrees in psychology and social work. After working years in social work, he decided to help others using computers. He began studying and working in the field of information technology in the early 1980's. Working as a professional software designer until 1996 for a corporation, he then became an independent consultant.

After working on MRX part time for two years Dave has devoted all his time to designing and developing MRX since 2004. Dave currently manages all aspects of MRX from sales, marketing, design and development to even providing guided tours. He still sees himself as a social worker helping others solve problems.

Dave Rabkin

Lisa Adarve Schweikert, owner of Montessori Made Manageable, Inc.

Lisa Adarve

Lisa brings 18+ years of experience correlating lessons to standards for private and public schools. Lisa has a Master’s Degree in Education along with a Bachelor’s Degree in Montessori Education 6-9 and in Elementary Education K-8 and AMS 9-12 certification.

She has taught in pre primary, primary, and upper elementary classrooms in private and public schools since 1984 and has experienced as a Montessori Program Coordinator in a total school Montessori magnet program. She has been involved in three separate Montessori public school phase-in processes along with experience in small parent-cooperative private, large inner-city, and suburban magnet environments. She is a mother of 7 children participating in Montessori programs.